4 amazing tools to let you create Inexpensive Logos
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4 amazing tools to let you create Inexpensive Logos

Whether you’ve been a Create-A-Book distributor for years or are just starting out, you probably know that a unique logo that represents your business can help people to recognize your brand. But where do you start? And how much should you spend?

We created this brief introduction and list of resources to help you create a great logo without breaking the bank.

Why Your Logo Matters

The main thing to remember is that your logo is a visual reminder about your business. Logos are so important that there’s even a logo game on Facebook…and you’d be surprised by how many brands you recognize without a single name or clue. One picture says it all. Just think of Nike’s trademark swoosh.

Your Logo Should…

  • Help customers recognize you
  • Look good no matter how big or small
  • Have only a couple of colors

And there is science linking color to memory. If you’re curious, visit “Why Facebook is Blue: The Science of Colors in Marketing” by Leo Widrich. It may inspire your creativity and your logo.

What’s in a Logo?

The best logos are:

  • Eye-catching, so choose something that is attractive and different.
  • Obvious and tell the viewer exactly what service you provide.
  • Memorable, so don’t overthink it. Brainstorming about books and your distribution method can help you find just the right image.
  • Uncomplicated. Keep it simple (but stay away from clip art). Your design doesn’t need to have lots of detail or multiple colors. It should look good in black and white, too, because color printing adds to your costs.
  • Multi-taskers that look good on letterhead, envelopes, and Twitter and Facebook images. You want to use it on all your correspondence including email messages.

Getting Inspired and Getting Started

If you still need a little inspiration, these sites may have just what you’re looking for:

If you have something in mind (or just want to start dabbling), visit one of these logo makers. Most of them are very affordable and can deliver the professional results you need.

Withoomph is really easy to use and might give you the extra “oomph” your logo deserves. We plugged in a few key words, and it gave us several quick choices. They have very reasonable starting prices, too.

GraphicSprings Logo Creator will walk you through each step effortlessly. Start designing your logo for free or hire one of their specialists to help you move from effective to extraordinary.

Logaster also offers free logos, but it depends on the size. But even full-size logos are only $9.99. We used the same key words (“My Own Book” as a company name), and the auto-generator came up with some really nice options.

Hipster Logo Generator has a modern feel and some different options for designing. Depending on your style and needs, this might be the site for you.

Let Us Know How It Works Out

As always, everyone at Create-A-Book wants you to be a success. We hope these tips help you make your logo creation process a productive one. We’d love to hear about your experience, so keep us posted and share your success with us.