Hey Cabbies,

Our personalized book, The Soccer Star, is a top seller right now thanks to the 2014 World Cup!

This post will show you how to promote this product and event within 15 minutes using your email, your website or social media. As always, you don’t have to copy our suggestions exactly. This can either help you get in done quickly or spark your own ideas.

We’ve made banners for you to use on Facebook, emails or your website. You can view and download the banners.

Facebook Wall Post (or social media)

When you post to Facebook to promote your business you should always use an image (proven to get higher engagement) and you should always include a link to the product on your website (or instruct people how to order).

Here’s an example:

Email Marketing:

Send an email to past customers as well as friends and family. Whether you’re sending to 5 people or 500, we suggest using an email marketing service like Aweber or Mailchimp. These programs make it very easy to send great emails, while offering great tracking tools and ensuring higher deliverability.

Here’s an example of an email we sent in Mailchimp (our dealer newsletter uses Aweber)

Facebook Cover photo:

We have two banners specifically designed and sized for your cover photo.  view the banners here


We have two banners you can add to your website. The easiest would be a home page banner that links to the product. You can view the banners here

Here’s an example:


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