How To Make Time…
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There was an interesting question posted to the discussion board on our Facebook page that set the stage for what we hope to be an educational journey for both Create-A-Book, and you.

We’re all faced with a daily challenge to do what we can within a 24 hour day. For you the challenges may be finding time to build your business while juggling a full-time job, raising a family, or both. For us, the challenge is overseeing a multitude of tasks to improve the Create-A-Book opportunity, and doing our best to prioritize them based on the outcomes they’ll bring you. And that’s just the planned ones, as  you can’t predict what life will throw your way.


One of our tasks is growing the Create-A-Book brand, using Social Marketing, to generate new business and to create an active online community of dealers who share ideas and work together. In January we created a 12-month blueprint, and listed the steps to make this happen. Before we could begin, we also started two more projects that will improve the profitability for our dealers, and the decision was made to postpone the social marketing. Sound like a familiar ‘postponement’ process?